University of Turku

Turku University Library renovated, including material spaces. 

In 2010, Turku University Library still had 17 branches on campus, but nowadays the number had been reduced to six. Both new construction and renovation were needed to make the spaces up-to-date. 

Quantum Library’s seasonal publications were given space by combining two previously cramped storage rooms. Teutori Library is located in a former shoe factory. 

For both Quantum and Teutori library spaces, movable shelves were chosen to maximize floor space utilization. On average, movable shelving can accommodate one and a half times more material than fixed shelves. The shelving can also be equipped with drawers. 

Teutori Library is a public space, so aesthetics were also considered when choosing the movable shelving. 

The aim for Quantum Library was to be user-friendly and customer-friendly. The tracks on the floor are hardly noticeable. 

The Quantum Library was designed to be easy to use and customer-friendly. The tracks on the floor are just barely visible. 

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