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Used pallet racking

Used pallet racking has an excellent utility value. The value varies depending on the model and condition. There are many different models of pallet racks, and they are not compatible with each other. When buying a used pallet racking, always ensure it is the same model and not a combination of similar models. Read more »

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  • Used pallet racking Mecalux

    Used Mecalux Pallet Racking Upright Frame

    The used pallet racking upright frame Mecalux is a robust and durable storage solution designed to maximize warehouse space. Key features include its high load-bearing capacity, adjustable height, and compatibility with various pallet sizes. The frame is made from high-quality steel, ensuring long-term durability and stability. The Mecalux frame stands out for its easy assembly and disassembly, allowing for flexible warehouse configuration. Its unique selling points include cost-effectiveness due to its used status, without compromising on quality or performance. This product is ideal for businesses seeking an affordable, reliable, and adaptable storage solution.

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  • Used Constructor pallet racking upright P90

    Constructor P90 is one of the most common pallet racking models in Europe. The lifetime of the racking system is long, and the availability of used parts is good. There are different versions of the model P90 made in various factories. The shelves are pretty similar regardless of the place of manufacture.

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  • Used Constructor pallet racking beam P90

    The dimensions of the carrier beams or pallet racks are 1200, 2300, and 3400 mm (for FIN pallets) and 950, 1850, 2750, and 3600 mm (for EUR pallets).

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Due to the compatibility limitations between different models, the price level of used pallet racks varies considerably. For the most common models, there is a viable aftermarket. The Constructor P90 pallet racking is one of the most common models in European warehouses, so the availability of the various models is generally good, even if they are second-hand. The Constructor P90 has a long service life, and spare parts are readily available. Most parts are still usable after decades of use.

Cosmetically, a used product is not always as good as a new one. Minor cosmetic defects are common in used pallet racking. The paint on used pallet racks may vary in color, or labels may be stuck to the surfaces. There will be signs of use when the pallet racking is in use. However, a used pallet racking system from Constructor is usually an excellent alternative to a new product, and signs of use do not cause any technical disadvantages.

Circular economy and used pallet racking

A circular economy is an activity in which goods are recycled at the same rate as they are used for a new purpose. We recycle parts of used pallet racking for reuse, so your company is directly participating in the modern circular economy by choosing a used option.

Our used pallet racking is continually inspected and in good condition. We have been working with new and used Constructor pallet racking for decades. With extensive experience in installation and quality of goods, we can promise to only supply parts that have been proven to be safe.


We buy used pallet racking

We buy used pallet racking. If your company has surplus furniture, you can offer it to us so we can find a new use for it. We can also buy upright pallet racks and take care of unloading and packing. We are always interested in buying used pallet racking and can agree on further details of the transaction. Contact us by phone, chat, or email at to discuss this further!

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Efficient use of existing pallet racking

Don’t hesitate to contact us at a reasonable time when changes or modifications in your warehouse become necessary. Changes can be made using partly used and new, or you can arrange for the replacement of old pallet racking. By agreeing on a project to modify or extend stock in good time, existing used pallet racking can be used to the best effect. In addition to machinery costs, the costs of unloading, moving, and installation can also be optimized in terms of labor costs.

Financing is also possible for used pallet racks. Ask for more information »

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We ensure that our used pallet racking and shelving systems will perform like a new set of industrial units — but at a lower cost. Ask for a quote and consult with one of our warehouse professionals to determine the perfect storage system for your specific space

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