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Used warehouse shelving

Used warehouse shelving is often an excellent alternative to new furniture. Made of steel, these shelves will last for decades. Apart from signs of wear and tear, storage shelves that have been neatly dismantled are not a disgrace to new furniture but have similar use value as a new product. The market for different manufacturers’ shelving models is, of course, different.

Used warehouse shelving is perfectly safe when the shelves are regularly inspected, and their technical condition is maintained. Read more »

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Used warehouse shelving as part of the modern circular economy

By investing in fully or partially used warehouse shelving, you are also supporting the modern circular economy. Choosing used warehouse shelving is a concrete way to bring the circular economy into the warehouse. The main goal of the circular economy is to keep products, materials, and their value in the economic cycle for as long as possible. Used warehouse shelving moved from one use to another is an excellent example of practical measures to promote the circular economy in companies.

Efficient use of existing parts

For the most common Constructor shelving models, we can use partially used parts in our warehouse shelving shop or agree on a refund price for your old warehouse shelving. It is advisable to plan the installation so that not only the assembly but also the disassembly, moving, and repair of the shelves can be designed sensibly. We’ve been working with both new and used Constructor warehouse shelving for decades, so our experience allows us to say that even our used furniture is safe.


We buy used pallet racking

We are also always interested in buying used warehouse shelving. If you have leftover shelves or cabinets on your premises, we are interested in finding a new use for them. Send your photos to, and we’ll see if there’s a market for them. 

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Used shelving as an investment

We ensure that our used pallet racking and shelving systems will perform like a new set of industrial units — but at a lower cost. Ask for a quote and consult with one of our warehouse professionals to determine the perfect storage system for your specific space

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