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Used shelving as an investment

Used shelving often has the same utility value as new shelving. Cosmetic defects do not affect the utility value of small storage shelves. Investing in second-hand shelving is also an ecological act, which is in line with the definition of the circular economy. Used shelving that circulates unchanged from one place of use to another is a product of the pure circular economy. Read more »

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The price level of used shelves is determined by the model’s general character and the shelves’ condition. Of course, only intact parts can be considered valuable. Some shelving models are so fragile that they cannot be reassembled. In these cases, the value of the shelf may even be close to zero or negative.

The most common models of storage shelving are those that retain their market value best. Used Constructor shelving units keep their value best, both because of their technical characteristics and because they are so common. Constructor products have a long life and a significant market share, making them very common in Europe. The second-hand market for used Constructor shelving models is therefore also lively. The market value of unknown and rare models is lower because there is no comparable second-hand market for them.

We professionally install and dismantle used shelving and storage racks. We have decades of experience in storage shelving. With this experience, we can promise to deliver only excellent and durable used storage shelving. Please note, however, that a used shelf is not new. A used product may have discolorations and signs of use, such as labels. However, these are only cosmetic and do not affect use.


We buy used shelving

We are always interested in buying used shelving. Especially interesting are used Constructor brand storage shelves. If you have bundles lying in your corners that you can’t use, do an environmental deed and contribute with your used shelves to the circular economy! Send photos and quantities to, and we’ll be in touch. A specialist is available in our chat room between 8 am and 4 pm. 

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